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OTTAWA - The David Suzuki Foundation will be providing bilingual analysis of the Government of Canada's 2012 budget following the tabling of the budget on March 29. We can also provide comment on the possible inclusion of changes to environmental law as a result of the new budget.

The David Suzuki Foundation will have staff in the stakeholder lock-up. The following spokespeople for the organization are available for comment:

Lisa Gue (French and English)
Environmental Health Policy Analyst
Cell: 613-796-7699
Email: lgue@davidsuzuki.org

Bill Wareham
Senior Conservation Specialist
Cell: 604-740-4318
Email: bwareham@davidsuzuki.org

Ian Bruce (French and English)
Climate Change Campaigner
Cell: 604-306-5095
Email: ibruce@davidsuzuki.org

Peter Robinson (French and English)
Chief Executive Officer
Cell: Please contact Leanne Clare at the number provided below

For more information on what the David Suzuki Foundation hopes to see in the budget please visit our blog.

- END -
For more information, contact:
Leanne Clare,
Communications Specialist, Ottawa
Office: 613-594-5410
Cell: 613-286-0182
Email: lclare@davidsuzuki.org

Jodi Garwood
Communications Specialist, Vancouver
Office: 604-732-4228 ext 1281

March 29, 2012