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VANCOUVER — The federal government may have won the latest battle in Ottawa by exercising its majority position to push through an unpopular omnibus budget bill, but it isn't winning in the court of public opinion.

Attempts to label scientists and environmental groups as "radicals" and "un-Canadian" have also backfired.

Throughout June, thousands of Canadians joined leading environmental and civic organizations to publicly protest the government's actions, and in the process shone a spotlight on two of the treasured values on which our country was built: nature and democracy.

"The response has been overwhelming and heartfelt," said Peter Robinson, CEO of the David Suzuki Foundation. "Citizens throughout the country have joined us and shared their dismay at how brazenly the federal government pushed through a bill that will dismantle vital environmental protections that were created through decades of science and public input."

"Canadians are not just lending us their voice," continued Robinson. "They're asking to get involved and opening their wallets in support of our commitment to informed scientific debate and long-term sustainable investment in a greener, healthier nation. In the past month alone, more than 1,000 Canadians have stepped forward to declare themselves radically Canadian by becoming monthly donors to the David Suzuki Foundation."

As we approach Canada Day, a day that celebrates the democratic history and natural wealth of our nation, our leaders must recognize that Canadians have a clear desire to preserve and protect the health of our communities and natural resources for future generations.

Holmes on Homes' Mike Holmes, who lent his support to the Foundation's "radically Canadian" campaign, says, "It's clear that Canadians see the need to make the right choices now to create a sustainable future; to make Canada a leader in energy efficiency, responsible use of resources, green jobs for young people and innovation."

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June 28, 2012