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Photo: Over 200 chefs serving up soup in the city at Mega-Quarry protest

Over 10,000 lbs of ingredients donated for Soupstock event in Toronto's Woodbine Park

TORONTO - Over 200 top chefs from across Canada and the U.S. have been added to the all-star culinary roster for Soupstock on Sunday, October 21, in Toronto's Woodbine Park. The chefs will offer original soup creations that celebrate Ontario's rich agricultural bounty. Local farmers and producers have generously donated more than 10,000 pounds of fresh ingredients, from leeks and carrots to beets and bones,that will be used in the soups.

"We are thrilled with the overwhelming support from our colleagues in the culinary, food and farming communities," said Chef Michael Stadtländer from the Canadian Chefs' Congress, which is co-hosting the event with the David Suzuki Foundation. "We hope the generosity and enthusiasm of over 200 chefs and dozens of producers who donated more than 10,000 pounds of ingredients will help bring tens of thousands of people out on Sunday to celebrate our food, farmland and water."

Joining Chef Stadtländer are well-known culinary champions like Jamie Kennedy, Brad Long, Susur Lee and Donna Dooher. Participating chefs will come from as far away as New Brunswick and Alberta, including chefs from Buffalo and Boston, the latter being the home of the $25-billion dollar Baupost Group that is backing the controversial Highland Mega-Quarry.

"Having the Boston Chefs Collaborative join Soupstock helps to connect the dots between the money backing the proposed Mega-Quarry and the landscape of great agricultural, cultural and ecological importance that the project would destroy," said the David Suzuki Foundation's Faisal Moola.

Soupstock will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday and will include 85 food stations offering different soup options during the day. George Stroumboulopoulos and Our Lady Peace's Jeremy Taggart will host the event. It will feature a dynamic lineup of established artists like Blue Rodeo veteran Jim Cuddy and guitarist Jesse Cook, as well as several up-and-coming artists from the city's indie music scene.

Soupstock is a sequel to 2011's Foodstock, where dozens of chefs, farmers, musicians and 28,000 supporters gathered to protest against the proposed Mega-Quarry in the Township of Melancthon 100 kilometres northwest of Toronto. The Mega-Quarry would permanently destroy more than 2,300 acres (930 hectares) of the best potato farmland in Ontario and require 600-million litres of water to be pumped out of the pit each day in perpetuity. Up to one million Ontarians downstream rely on this water.

Admission to the event is free and tickets will be sold for soup at $10 for three servings. Participants are encouraged to bring their own bowls, spoons and napkins and wear weather-appropriate clothes and footwear. There will be a bicycle valet service for bikes and all are encouraged to come by foot, transit or bike.

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For more information, please visit www.soupstock.ca, or contact:
Jode Roberts, David Suzuki Foundation 647 456 9752 cell, jroberts@davidsuzuki.org



Pfenning's Organic Farm
Hillside Farm
100Km Foods Inc.
Lennox Farm
Dave Van der Zaag
K2 Milling
Hamony Organic
The New Farm
ANC Farm
Forbes Wild Foods
Duntroon Farm
Best Baa Dairy
Deer Valley
Gordon Food Service


Soupstock MCs: George Stroumboulopoulos and Jeremy Taggart

Soupstock on-stage performers: Jim Cuddy Trio, Jesse Cook, Snowblink, The Paint Movement, Inlet Sound, More or Les, Alysha Brillinger, Crissi Cochrane, Carmen Corcoz, Hobowally and Choir! Choir! Choir!

Soupstock off-stage artists and performers: Artists against the Mega-Quarry • Aaron Garner • Jordan Eveland • Steve York • Bryan Wall • Shane Cloutier • Peter Adams • The Playwright Project • Dave Russell and the Rockafellers • Eryn Ravelle • Focused • Our Shotgun Wedding • Glen Noble • Hobo Wally • What about the Fish? • Larry Kurtz • The Horables • Jim Leithead • Denise Dunn • Rob Saley • Cosmic Popsicles • Romney and Jeff Getty • The Farmer's Stand • Sarah Calvert • The Sellouts • Highland Bullshit Factory • The Broken Pumps • Flight of the Bobo Link • Olga and the Cabbage Rolls • Freefall Sundays • Slug and the Spotted Salamanders • Excessive Packaging • Plastic Islands and the Outrage • Patrick Keating and the All Naturals Poetry Pocket


Rocco Agostina & Michael Bou-Younes, Pizza Libretto
Bertrand Alépée, The Tempered Chef Ltd. VGT
Susy Alvarez, Alternative Grounds
Simon Blackwell, Blackbird Bread Co.
Carol Belmonte, Belmonte Raw VGN, RAW
Paul Böehmer, Böhmer
Olivia Bolano, Toronto Chef
Fabio Bondi, Local Kitchen and Wine Bar & Bar Salumi
Rodney Bowers, Hey Meatball
Ken Boyd, Estates of Sunnybrook
Rob Bragagnolo, Marben
Jason Browne, Brockton General VGT
Martin Buckingham, Urban Smoke Food Truck
Diane Cartwright & Beata Macklin, Whole World Tea Ltd.
Caplansky's, Zane Caplansky
Mario Cassini, Caju VGT
Dali Chehimi, Casbah

J.P. Challet, Ici Bistro
Dawn Chapman & Jenn Beaudion Lazy Daisy's Café VGN
Ariel Coplan, Nyood Restaurant and Bar
Chris Dardarian, The Bellevue
Audrey Demers, Private Chef
Trish Donnelly, Hobo Chef VGT
Kristin and Dan Donovan, Hooked
Donna Dooher & Taylor McMeekin, Mildred's Temple Kitchen
Constance Dykun & Rachel Silva, Creme Fraiche Market and Café VGT
Rossy Earle, SupiCucu
Daron Engbers & Adam Colquhoun, Oyster Boy
David Friedman, Red Fish
Dustin Gallagher, Riverside Public House
Steven Gardiner, Urban Herbivore VGN
Andrea Gibson, Fred's Bread
Steve Gonzalez, Private Chef
Darren Glew, The Drake Hotel
Pepe Hadad, Frida Restaurant and Bar
David Haman, Woodlot Restaurant VGT
Jonathan Hamilton & Andrew Richmond, La Carnita
Craig Harding, Campagnolo VGT
Carl Heinrich, Ryan Donovan & Julia Ayearst, Richmond Station VGT
John Higgins, & Oliver Li, George Brown College Chef's School
Jennifer Houston, Fresh Restaurants VGN
Steffan Howard, Pegasus Hospitality Group, Casa Loma and Palais Royale
Gary Hoyer, GNH Hospitality Consultants, George Brown Nutrition Program
Winston Hue, The Boiler House
Adam Hynam-Smith & Tamara Jensen, el Gastronomo Vagabundo
Daisuke Izutsu, Kaiseki Sakura
Daniel Janetos, Farmhouse Tavern
Alex Johnston, Provenance Regional Cuisine
Leah Kalish, Leah's Bakery VGT
Lisa Kates, A Food Gypsy VGT
Ravi Kanagarajah, Ravi's Soups VGT
David Kemp, Salt Wine Bar
Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy Kitchens VGT
Lora Kirk, Ruby Watchco and Ruby Eats VGT
David Kokai, Loïc Gourmet VGT
Lesia Kohut, LPK's Culinary Groove VGT
Fawzi Kotb, Veloute Bistro
Susur Lee, Lee & Bent
Cameron Levitt, Rowe Farms
Nick Liu, GwaiLo
Brad Long, Cafe Belong, Evergreen Brick Works
Sandy Macfayden, Reposado Tequila Bar
Joshna Maharaj, Private Chef VGT
Erin Marcus, ACE Bakery
Alec Martin, Hawker Bar
Matty Matheson, Parts and Labour
Patrick McMurray, Starfish and Ceili Cottage
Daniel Mezzolo, Gusto 101 & Trattoria Nervosa
Milijana Mladjan, Good Food Conspiracy Company, RAW, VGN
Bashir Munye, My Little Dumplings
Jennifer Murray, Wandering Bean Coffee Co.
David Neinstein, Barque Smokehouse
Gabrielle Paganelli & Roseanna Bali, Paganelli's Risotteria & Salumi
Christopher Palik, L-EAT Catering
Giacomo Pasquini, Vertical Restaurant
Neil Patterson, Jump, Oliver & Bonacini
Teo Paul, Union
Ian Penny, St. Leonards Peel Region
Dean Pettit, Rock Lobster
Jon Pong, The Hoof Raw Bar
Albert Ponzo, le Select Bistro
David Pope, Cardinal, RedCrest
Chrystal Porter, Chocosol Chocolate Traders VGN
Graham Pratt, The Gabardine
Kevin Prendergast, Hilton Hotel Toronto
Stephen Pynn, Bannok, Oliver & Bonacini
Amanda Ray, Biff's, Oliver & Bonacini
Jennifer Rashleigh and Jeff Brown, Delight VGT
Ted Reader, Ted's World Famoud Barbeque
Kitt Ritchie, Hall's KitchenV
Aaron Bear Robe, Keriwa Cafe VGT
Anthony Rose, Rose and Sons
Dufflet Rosenberg, Dufflet VGT
Rob Rossi, Bestellen
Lisa Rutland & Eric te Boekhorst, Sequel Event Catering and Sequel B and B Creemore
Tony and Abby Sabherwal, Magic Oven VGT
Joanna Sable, Bumpercrop
Peter Sanagan, Sanagan's Meat Locker
Dan Sanders, Earth Rosedale and Globe Restaurant, VGT
Alan , Eric and Stuart Shabsove, Mountainview Coffee
Jacob Sharky-Pearce, Ursa RestaurantTrista Sheen, Crush Wine Bar
Ashley Shortall & Scott McNeil, The Stop Community Food Centre
Simon Silander, Brick Street Bakery
Albino Silva, Chiado
Dano Simpson, Joy Bistro
John Sinopoli, Table 17 and Enoteca Ascari 26 VGT
Brandon Smith, Fish Bones Catering
Alida Solomon, Tutti Matti
Lesley Stoyan & Chris Trussell, Daily Apple
Collin Thorton, Fairmont Royal York
Marc Thuet, Petite Thuet
Victoria Vaccher, Tori's Bake Shop VGN
Luis Valenzuela, Torito Tapas Bar
Alan Vanti, Toronto Chef
Michelle Vella & Kahle Flaherty, Beet Organic Café VGN
Karen Viva-Haynes, Viva Tastings VGN
Anthony Walsh, Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants
Dawn Woodward and Edmund Rek, Evelyne's Crackers
Shinji Yamaguchi, Gushi
Anne Yarymowich and Jeff Duek, FRANK Restaurant at the AGO
Hiro Yoshida, Hiro Sushi
Derek Zavislake, Merchants of Green Coffee

Michael and Nobuyo Stadtländer, Eigensinn Farm and Canadian Chefs' Congress
Don Akehurst, The Sovereign & Tracy Stars Smokehouse
Matthew Flett, Muskoka District Chef's Association VGT
Caesar Guinto & Sam Howell, Creemore Kitchen
Meredith Cowan, Meredith's Ginger Syrup
Gareth and Julie Carter, Men with Knives
Ruth and Patrick Bourachot, Café Chartreuse
Jeremy Korten, Oliver and Bonacini Cafe and Grill, Blue Mountain
Mark and Christene Krause, Espresso Post
Leona Nyman & Andrea Greyerbiehl, Azzura
Shawn Adler, Flying Chestnut and Flying Spatula VGT
David Keenen, At the Five
Gregg Rennet, Painter's Hall
Laurie Warwick, Warwick Hughes Food Market VGT
Adam Ryan, one 99
Shawn Palmer & Pat Rufino of Classic Gourmet Coffee from Vaughan
Philip Patrick, The Ridge at Manitou Golf Club VGT
Andrew Dymond, Taboo Resort
Kevin McKenna, Taboo Resort
Tawfik Shehata, The International Centre VGT
Tobias Pohl-Weary, Red Canoe Bistro
Jason D'Anna & Brett Howson, Magna Golf Club
Paul Harber, Ravine Vineyard and Bakery
Ryan Crawford, Stone Road Grille
David Watt & Anthony Greico, The Garrison House
Angela Peebles and Simon Kelly, The Regal Diner
Ruth Klahsen, Monforte Dairy VGT

Jonathan Korecki, Side Door

Connie DeSousa & John Jackson, Charcut Roast House

Cornel and Dorina Ceapa, Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar Inc.

James D. Roberts CEC , Park Country Club
Edward Forster, Mike A's at Hotel Lafayette

Richard Garcia, Chefs Collaborative, Boston Network Leader

October 17, 2012

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