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Photo: Our thoughts are with Southern Albertans

(Credit: Sean Esopenko via Flickr)

Our thoughts at the David Suzuki Foundation are with those who are experiencing the danger and destruction of record flooding throughout Southern Alberta. We are filled with sorrow for the lives that have been lost and we offer condolences to those families and all Canadians who are suffering from the destructive force of these floods.

As events unfold, we feel deep admiration for the brave first responders and community leaders whose dedication and efforts have saved lives — and for the people of Alberta who have pulled together as they always do to help each other. Their example serves as a reminder of human resilience in the face of disaster. By demonstrating the power a community has when people come together to protect and help each other, they give us hope. Most of us have family and friends in the affected areas and we stand with all of you in hoping that life gets back to normal as soon as possible.

June 21, 2013