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One of the key findings from the full IPCC report, which was released early this morning, is that global warming is amplified in Canada and the trend is projected to continue. The report also shows it is still possible to avoid the worst impacts of climate change if we make the changes now needed to reduce carbon emissions.

"Our future will not be determined by chance. It will be determined by choice: either we ignore the reality of the science or we make changes to reduce carbon emissions," said Ian Bruce, Science and Policy Manager with the David Suzuki Foundation.

Canada has experienced about double the average global temperature increase during the past century. Climate change, including temperature increases, tends to be amplified in Canada because we're a northern country and global warming is magnified at or near the North and South Poles. This intensification in temperature increase near the poles is largely the result of the loss of ice and snow cover.

The IPCC report has information for Canada by region on temperature increases, precipitation trends, drought possibility, snow cover and more.

The full IPCC report is available at:


David Suzuki Foundation media release and backgrounder is available here:


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October 1, 2013