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Letters to My Grandchildren

Books | 2015
Photo: Letters to My Grandchildren

To be published in 2015, David Suzuki's Letters To My Grandchildren offers grandfatherly advice combined with remarkable autobiographical stories. Drawing on his own experiences, he explores life's deep questions and offers up a lifetime of wisdom, inspiring us all to live with courage, conviction, and passion as we learn from... More »

Building on the best: keeping Canada's climate promise

Reports | December 2014
Building on the best: keeping Canada's climate promise cover

This report identifies Canada's top climate change policy solutions and assesses how effective they have been in meeting our emissions commitments. It shows that adopting best in-country solutions from provincial leaders under a unifying national approach would make serious headway in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The analysis concludes that if... More »

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It takes a community to build a movement

Winter | December 2014

By David Suzuki It's been a phenomenal fall for me. My youngest daughter, Sarika, gave birth to a baby boy, and the foundation I co-founded with my wife, Tara, gave birth to a movement. I had nothing to do with the former — although I couldn't be happier to have... More »

How to talk to your neighbours

Winter | December 2014

By Lindsay Coulter What I've learned about "greening" Canadians is that it's about relationships. And much of the time, those you wish would change can be neighbours. And that can mean neighbourly problems. How neighbourly are you? Before you approach neighbours about their scented dryer sheets or lawn pesticide use... More »

Clean tech is good for environment and economy

Winter | December 2014

Canada's clean-tech industry is growing faster than every other major sector of the economy, directly employing 41,000 people and generating $11.3-billion in revenues in 2012 — up six per cent from 38,800 in 2011. The average clean-tech company in Canada employs 58 people. That's just some of the good news... More »