2010 Annual Report

December 2010
2010 Annual Report cover

The David Suzuki Foundation's Annual Report highlights work done by our program staff and volunteers during the fiscal year, along with messages from our co-founders, David Suzuki and Tara Cullis, and our CEO, Peter Robinson. It also includes our financial statements, carbon-footprint information, and a list of our donors. More »

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Healthy communities

December 2010

Everyday items like shampoo, televisions, and couches can contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health and other living things. Over the past year we have pushed government and industry to get rid of toxic chemicals, and encouraged Canadians to make safer choices at the till. DID YOU KNOW?... More »

Wildlife and habitat protection

December 2010

Nature isn't something that exists just in far-off parklands. We are part of nature and it surrounds us, even in our busy urban lives. The Foundation uses science-based advocacy to protect and restore wilderness landscapes and nature in our backyards. We work to reconnect Canadians with nature in their neighbourhoods... More »

Marine and freshwater conservation

December 2010

Canada is one of the most water-rich countries on the planet. The three oceans that surround us create the longest coastline in the world, and we have more lake area than any other nation. With so much around us, it isn't always obvious how critical water is to our well-being.... More »

Finding solutions to global warming

December 2010

Conserving energy and finding cleaner sources of energy are two ways to reduce the threat of climate change and other effects of rampant fossil fuel use. Joining the clean energy revolution can also provide jobs and economic opportunities. The problems with our reliance on fossil fuels are well-known: air and... More »

Protecting the environment in Quebec

December 2010

We opened our Quebec office in Montreal only two years ago, and now we're running full steam with six staff members. The Quebec team works on the Foundation's national projects, as well as projects specific to the province, including work to protect the St. Lawrence and public health. Since the... More »

Engaging with the public

December 2010

The Foundation works to increase public awareness and remove barriers that prevent people from keeping our planet healthy. By developing resources that enable individuals to make sustainable changes in their lives, workplaces, and communities, we are helping create a "new normal" for Canada — where sustainability is the way we... More »

Multiplying the message

December 2010

Volunteers expand our workforce The Foundation is fortunate to have a steadily growing team of committed volunteers moving our mission forward across Canada. Hundreds of skilled supporters generously offer their time and expertise to the Foundation every year, completely free of charge. Their wealth of knowledge includes post-graduate degrees, decades... More »