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The David Suzuki Foundation's Annual Report highlights work done by our program staff and volunteers during the fiscal year, along with messages from our co-founders, David Suzuki and Tara Cullis, and our CEO, Peter Robinson. It also includes our financial statements, carbon-footprint information, and a list of our donors.

Read highlights from this report online — introduced below — or download the full report as a PDF.


Message from the co-founders

David Suzuki and Tara Cullis

(Credit: Harj Panesar)

This past fiscal year, September 2009 to August 2010, has been huge for the David Suzuki Foundation. On top of our focus on climate change, marine and freshwater conservation, and species and habitat protection, we put a lot of effort into gearing up for the Foundation's 20th anniversary in September 2010.

Looking back on the Foundation's history made us realize how much we have to celebrate, especially as our challenges often seem insurmountable.

In the past year alone, we've managed to give the environment priority of place among many business people who realize that doing what's right for the Earth is also good for business. For example, we continue to see more and more grocery stores committing to sustainable-seafood policies, thanks to our work with SeaChoice. Our Ambassadors program has sent volunteers into many workplaces to help them become more environmentally responsible in their day-to-day practices. We've also raised awareness about climate change and its solutions by bringing Al Gore's Climate Project to Canada. And we've accomplished so much more, as you'll see in this annual report.

But most of all, what we have to celebrate is the many people who make our work possible. The Foundation's staff members are so committed to our work and to giving their best to make sure our efforts contribute to positive change. Without our volunteers, who give their time without pay, our accomplishments would be impossible. And our dedicated donors have made it possible for us to carry out our mission for 20 years.

We also thank the Canadian public, who support our efforts by taking action, signing letters to politicians, and adding their voices to our campaigns to protect the environment.

This is not just a time to celebrate the Foundation and its first two decades of work; it's also the time to celebrate the efforts of all Canadians who have been so generous with their time and money. Thank you so very much. Together we are making a difference.

David Suzuki and Tara Cullis, co-founders

Message from the CEO

The Foundation is working with government, businesses, and Canadians to create a sustainable future

Peter RobinsonI've been with the David Suzuki Foundation for just two and a half of its past 20 years, but even in that short time, I've seen many successes and many changes.

The urgency of finding solutions to some of our most challenging environmental problems requires all of us to do our part — individuals, households, businesses, government, and politicians. That's why much of our long-term planning includes engaging with Canadians from every sector of society. We provide suggestions to individuals on simple and practical ways to reduce their carbon footprint. We help businesses green their offices and save money by adopting more sustainable business practices. We work to influence governments, and challenge politicians, to fulfill their commitments to Canadians and the world on environmental issues. All of these activities allow us to engage with Canadians as never before and help them channel their concerns for the environment into positive and effective change.

We know that science and research are great foundations for environmental work, but there are many ways to apply that research. In our efforts to encourage Canadians from all walks of life to become involved we find we ourselves are changing. We've become much more comfortable engaging in difficult conversations and collaborations with those we wouldn't have talked to before.

As the end of this fiscal year approached in August 2010 we began planning for a big celebration — 20 years of the David Suzuki Foundation. We look forward to sharing those stories and celebrations with you in our next annual report. In the process of that planning we realized how far we've come and how key the support of donors, volunteers, and community leaders has been to our success. We would not be here without your continued desire to make the world a healthier place for all living things that share this planet.

Peter Robinson, chief executive officer

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