Photo: Messages from our Co-founders and CEO

We've come of age: we're 21.

When we founded the David Suzuki Foundation 21 years ago, we thought our major work would be complete within the decade! In those days, we thought that if we got the word out about the choices Canada was facing, decisions would be obvious.

Today, we realize that getting the facts and science out into the public discourse is not enough. Unexpected but powerful forces propel society to discount science (and common sense) and make decisions that promise short-term gains for a few and long-term pain for many. And a lot of money is involved.

Luckily, we believe the majority of Canadians remain loyal to our country's values: fairness, modesty, decency, generosity, diversity, tolerance, hard work, and common sense. And they treasure our country for the great riches nature has blessed us with: the cleanest air, water, and lands on earth, supporting abundant diversity of life.

As the planet industrializes and the climate begins to change irrevocably, Canada's great natural beauty becomes ever more precious to the world, slowing the changes and maintaining the life-support systems every human needs to live and breathe. And our work to protect it becomes more vital every day.

As we've worked with you throughout these 21 years, we've learned so much. We've learned that you can't protect nature without working with the people in that ecosystem. You can't put a price on carbon without making it fair for those it penalizes. You can't practise environmentalism without practising social justice, equality, fairness, and tolerance — all Canadian values.

Championing these values has never been more important. Thank you for your role in this great work. And stay with us. Twenty-one years down the road, we need you now more than ever.

Dr. David Suzuki and Dr. Tara Cullis,

A message from our CEO

This was a landmark year for the David Suzuki Foundation, marking both our 20th anniversary and David Suzuki's 75th birthday. We honoured these milestones with a celebration of the work we've done and the special extended family we have built through two decades of activism.

Many supporters offered positive feedback on the policies we've influenced, the campaigns we've led, and the solutions we've offered Canada. This feedback strengthened our commitment to be even more effective going forward. We are focused on galvanizing Canadians to think and act with nature in mind.

On a personal note, helping David celebrate his 75th birthday was a wonderful experience for me. Like all of us here at the Foundation, I'm thankful to have remarkable people like David and Tara mentoring our work and inspiring our actions.

Thank you for being part of the David Suzuki Foundation in this momentous year.

Peter Robinson, Chief Executive Officer