A message from our CEO


Your participation and financial support allowed us to achieve important victories for the environment in 2012.

In addition to many other achievements, you helped: prevent Canada's last asbestos mine from reopening, establish this country's first urban national park, stop a mega-quarry from being built on some of North America's best farmland, raise awareness about safer cleaners and personal care products, promote the concept of "natural capital" and create a path to a low-carbon future.

These are all your results. Without your commitment and generosity, our scientists, policy experts and hundreds of volunteers simply could not have done their work.

Please take a moment to read through the stories in our annual report. Know that the successes and achievements are yours. You are making real change happen in Canada.

A message from our cofounders


The past year was a challenging one, not only for the David Suzuki Foundation, but for all those who uphold the quintessentially Canadian values of democracy and environmental protection. The federal government called us and other environmental organizations "radical" and "un-Canadian" for standing up for nature. They rammed through omnibus budget bills and erased long held environmental protections.

With your support, we pushed back, and showed that we would not be deterred from our mission to protect nature in Canada. We're excited to see more Canadians standing up for nature and democracy than ever before, and we hope you'll stay with us in the year to come.

Truly, we are stronger together.