The services that nature provides for free are often not accounted for and therefore not properly valued by decision-makers. The Foundation has pioneered a way to evaluate the benefits that nature provides and calculate the economic cost of these services. We're thrilled to see the concept of natural capital quickly catching on and our research effecting significant change.

Thanks to your support for our ability to account for nature's economic worth, we were able to advocate for the protection of the Ontario Greenbelt, an extensive network of greenspaces winding through the Greater Toronto Area. Our research contributed significantly to the federal government's decision to turn the greenbelt into Canada's first urban national park.

Meanwhile, in Quebec, we succeeded in convincing the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal to create a greenbelt as part of the new urban plan. The plan aims to protect 19% of the greater Montreal area by 2020. We published two reports to guide the creation of the Montreal Greenbelt, whose ecosystem services we estimate to be worth over $4.3 billion per year.

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(Credit: Julien Bastide)