This past year was a challenging one for anyone who upholds quintessential Canadian values. The federal government called us and other organizations "radical" and "un-Canadian" for standing up for nature, and rammed through omnibus budget bills that erased long-held environmental protections.

But with your support, we pushed back. In April, Karel Mayrand and our Montreal office led Quebecors in the largest environmental rally in Canada's history. Over 250,000 people united in Montreal to stand up for nature and democracy. Together they formed the largest human tree, an image that quickly spread around the world.


Protecting our future does not belong to the right or the left. It is not a partisan issue. It is a fundamental right. A moral imperative. — Karel Mayrand, Directeur Général pour le Québec

In June, we joined Canada's 12 largest environmental organizations in a day of action against Bill C-38, the first federal budget omnibus bill that weakened environmental laws. Black Out Speak Out / Silence On Parle garnered support from 45,000 Canadians who signed a petition, and many individuals and organizations that blacked out their websites on June 4 in support of nature and democracy.

And in the fall, the government announced its intent to sign a 31-year trade deal giving Chinese companies new powers over Canadian economic and environmental policy, as well as our right to speak out about them. Thanks to supporters like you, we sent nearly 17,000 letters to the government opposing the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, significantly delaying the deal's ratification. We are continuing to press for its abandonment.