David Hall's award-winning photography captures the magnificent marine life of the West Coast: the most diverse of any coldwater ecosystem on the planet. Through state-of-the-art camera equipment and adventurous shots, he depicts our underwater world in a way that will amaze scuba divers and art-lovers alike.
— Vancouver Sun
Photo: Beneath Cold Seas

Battling buffeting currents, hindered by thick gloves and an 18-kg belt, the New York-based shooter has nevertheless captured page after page of dreamy images with stunning clarity.
— Westworld BC

Breathtaking photographs by award-winning photographer David Hall capture the magnificent marine life of North America's West Coast.

The Pacific Coast of North America features the most diverse and visually spectacular marine life of any temperate or cold-water ecosystem on the planet. From tiny, candy-striped shrimp to the giant Pacific octopus, from alabaster nudibranchs, luminous moon jellyfish, orchid sea stars, and wolf-eels to Steller sea lions, white-sided dolphins, and so much more, David Hall's stunning photographs — themselves works of art — reveal both the symbiotic and the predatory relationships in this web of life. Through state-of-the-art camera equipment and lighting, he has captured our underwater world in a way that will surprise even scuba divers already familiar with it and amaze the rest of us.

An introduction by Sarika Cullis-Suzuki, who has lived on the West Coast of North America her entire life and has studied its marine life as well as the fisheries of the high seas, describes her personal experiences with this amazing part of the world and discusses the conservation issues facing this rich yet vulnerable ecosystem. Christopher Newbert, author of the bestselling photography book Within a Rainbowed Sea, provides the foreword.

Beneath Cold Seas will appeal to a wide audience, including divers and beachcombers; fishers; marine life enthusiasts and scientists; tourists, including cruise ship and ferry passengers; and anyone who appreciates beautiful photography. Although there are many excellent underwater photography books on tropical locations, this is the first to feature the marine life of the Pacific Northwest and one of the few that focus on any cold-water location.

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