Photo: Dodging the Toxic Bullet

Practical and empowering strategies for identifying and avoiding health hazards, from the co-author of David Suzuki's Green Guide.

Following David Suzuki's Green Guide — called "the green bible" by the Globe and Mail — Dodging the Toxic Bullet presents workable strategies that show how we can live a longer, healthier life by breathing clean air, eating healthful food, drinking safe water, and using nontoxic products. Author David R. Boyd provides:

  • accessible background on a range of hazards: mercury in fish, carcinogens in cleaning products, lead in toys, and lethal E. coli in ground beef
  • clear directions for reducing risk
  • easy-to-follow advice for parents to protect infants and children
  • guidance on changing government policies and business practices through advocacy
  • informative sidebars and compelling checklists

"In Dodging the Toxic Bullet, David R. Boyd cuts through the confusion and gives us the practical information we need to protect ourselves and our families from harm. I will recommend this book to patients, colleagues, and friends. " —Andrew Weil, MD, bestselling author of Natural Health, Natural Medicine

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