Photo: I couldn't have done it without you

By David Suzuki

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Lately I've been thinking of all the wonderful people who have made the Foundation's work possible and allowed our message to reach so many people over the past 20 years.

I have had the privilege of a platform to inform and connect with Canadians over the past 40-odd years on the CBC – thanks to CBC executives who have defended me and allowed me to stay on the air.

But what really kept me on the air was the Canadian public. If they hadn't watched and listened in sufficient numbers, The Nature of Things would have been cancelled long ago.

So as my daughter Sarika says, “Lots of props to Canadians!”

Everyone knows that one person cannot single–handedly write books, and do radio and television programs and feature films. A lot of people along the way have put their hearts and souls into this work, yet I get a disproportionate amount of credit.

So I want to thank all the folks who have worked so hard to make me look good. If I am being feted for what I've done, it's because of all the support I've received.

As I approach my 75th birthday I can't help but reflect on my life and ask, “What have I learned? What do I want to pass on? What will my legacy be?”

My most important legacy is my five children. I'm proud of them. They are all decent human beings deeply committed to the environment. (They have to be – I had more than my share!)

But my next most important legacy is the David Suzuki Foundation. When we started it in 1990, I never imagined we'd still be here 20 years later. I thought all our work had to be done in 10 years! Instead, we need the Foundation even more because there is so much work left to do. We are only one small organization and I'm proud of what we've achieved in the past 20 years and, I hope, will continue to do.

Finally, I want to thank all our wonderful donors and volunteers. You are the heart and soul of the Foundation. You are family and part of a massive movement that offers us hope for a richer, more vibrant future.