Photo: Canadians reuse books to celebrate Earth Day

Club members meet to discuss their latest favourite books.

By Gail Mainster

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Most of us can point to a book that influenced the way we think about the world, or even led us to change the way we live each day.

During Earth Week this year, April 19 to 24, Canadians from coast to coast participated in book swaps to celebrate the national launch of our book club. They met in coffee shops, living rooms, libraries, and faith-group basements across the country, traded a favourite read with someone else, and exchanged views on topics such as "What do you love about your community?" and "What does it mean to be a 'locavore'?"

Most importantly, they met their neighbours. Change begins with conversation. Sustainability isn't just personal — it involves the whole community. The selection for the book club launch is Locavore, by journalist Sarah Elton. We partnered with publisher Harper-Collins for the month of April. The publisher featured a "David Suzuki Foundation Book Club Pick" sticker on every book, and sent 10,000 of our bookmarks in packages sold through Amazon.

Join the book club! Share on our online forum for each book, and use the map to see what club events are happening near you.

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