By Catherine Orer

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Smart driving is good for the environment and your wallet

Taking transit or cycling is best, but they're not always possible, especially outside of our cities. That's why we launched our Roulez Mieux campaign in Quebec — or "Drive Smart" in English.

As hard-hitting as it is playful, the Roulez Mieux campaign raises awareness about the impact of driving behaviour, and encourages those who must drive to use eco-driving tips to reduce their environmental impact.

Small changes really add up. A 10 per cent reduction in emissions results in $300 in savings, and brings down gas use by 250 litres per year.

On March 30, many news, culture, and sports personalities were on-site at our Montreal office to help launch the campaign, give their support, and take part in a friendly race aboard an eco-driving simulator. The campaign invites drivers to choose from a list of eco-driving actions, and sign an online pledge to change the way they drive. Drivers can share it with friends or challenge others to join the campaign.

Visit our website (French only) to participate, and for a chance to win multiple prizes. If you don't read French, make a personal pledge to use the tips below.

Cut emissions with eco-driving tips

  • Combine your trips and carpool
  • Get a tune-up every 45,000 kilometres
  • Maintain good tire pressure
  • Take everything out of your vehicle that you don't need
  • Drive defensively
  • Turn off the engine when you stop for more than 60 seconds
  • Drive at 100 km/hr or slower on the highway
  • Avoid rush hour to cut down idling
  • Change the oil and air filter

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