By Lindsay Coulter, David Suzuki's Queen of Green and Lisa Gue, Environmental health policy analyst with the David Suzuki Foundation

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From shampoos to soaps to makeup, most of us use 10 or more personal-care products each day. But some ingredients in beauty products aren't all that pretty. In fact, researchers in the U.S. found that of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal-care products, one in eight is an industrial chemical.

Some have been associated with serious health problems like cancer, developmental defects, and reproductive problems. Others are toxic to wildlife and persist in the environment long after you've rinsed them down your shower drain.

This spring, the David Suzuki Foundation is inviting you and other Canadians to pull back the shower curtain and take our survey about the chemicals in your daily dose. The results will support our advocacy work for stronger laws regarding the chemicals that are allowed in our personal-care products.

Start now by checking the ingredients in your personal-care products using our list of the "Dirty Dozen".

You have a few choices when dealing with products that contain these chemicals. You could finish using what's left, then buy something safer next time. You could mail them back to the manufacterer with a note encouraging them to use safer ingredients. Or you can find out how your town or city handles household hazardous waste. These two websites can help: or

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