Photo: The future belongs to all of us

By Peter Robinson

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The Foundation will work with government, businesses, and Canadians in the years ahead

I've been with the David Suzuki Foundation for just two and a half of its 20 years, but even in that short time, I've seen many successes and many changes.

The urgency of finding solutions to some of our most challenging environmental problems requires all of us to do our part – individuals, households, businesses, governments, and politicians. That's why much of our long–term planning includes engaging with Canadians from every sector of society.

We still believe that science and research are great foundations for environmental work, but there are many ways to apply the research. For example, we've had great success helping leaders in the grocery industry ensure that their seafood comes from sustainable sources.

We'll continue to work with businesses, experts, allies, and the public in a number of areas. As just one example, in the coming five years we'll work with the Canadian Academy of Engineering to conduct research into clean–energy options for Canada. We'll also continue our work around habitat and species protection and marine conservation.

We've been stepping up our efforts to encourage Canadians from all walks of life to become involved, and we find that we ourselves are changing. We've become much more comfortable engaging in difficult conversations and collaborations with those we wouldn't have talked to before. After all, we all have a stake in making Canada and the world a healthier place for ourselves and all the living things that share this planet. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we look forward to working together with all of you for years to come.