By Jodi Garwood

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...with help of new SeaChoice wallet card phone app

Choosing sustainable seafood just got easier, with the updated SeaChoice Ocean-Friendly Seafood wallet card. The card's new layout allows seafood lovers to check their options while grocery shopping and dining out. Seafood appears in three categories — Best Choice, Some Concerns, and Avoid — depending on harvesting method and location. The card features updated rankings and new species as well as an alternatives chart that helps you quickly find a Best Choice substitute for one of the less desirable species. These changes have been incorporated into the free SeaChoice Ocean-Friendly Seafood iPhone app. The card and the app are available for download at

Ambassadors for ocean-friendly seafood

A fleet of SeaChoice Ambassadors recently joined the Foundation to help promote sustainable seafood. The ambassadors are part of a sixmonth pilot campaign aimed at increasing awareness and purchasing of ocean-friendly seafood in B.C.'s Lower Mainland. They include media professionals, "foodies," chefs, restauranteurs, fishers, and event organizers, and they are writing, cooking, and speaking for change.

Armed with the new SeaChoice wallet cards and training from our Marine team, the ambassadors are working in their communities to inform people about where our seafood comes from, how it is harvested, and how we can all choose wisely when we shop and dine out.

Learn more about the ambassadors at If you're interested in becoming an ocean-friendly seafood ambassador, contact Sophika Kostyniuk.

Safeway, too, says yes to ocean-friendly seafood

This summer, Canada Safeway announced its commitment to ocean-friendly seafood. By 2015, all fresh and frozen seafood sold by the grocery chain will come from sustainable and traceable sources, or be in a credible improvement project. Safeway joins a growing list of SeaChoice business partners that includes the Overwaitea Food Group, Federated Co-operatives Ltd., Whole Foods, and Bento Nouveau. As a partner organization of SeaChoice, the Foundation will help educate Canada Safeway staff and consumers in over 200 stores about the environmental issues associated with seafood. Congratulations to Canada Safeway for making one big step toward healthy oceans!