By Rachelle Delaney, Editorial production coordinator

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On November 24, the Association of Suzuki Elders will host an exciting Elders and Environment Forum to encourage and empower others to address critical environmental concerns.

A dedicated group of Foundation volunteers, the Elders use their knowledge and experience to mentor younger generations and other elders on environmental issues. After hosting a similar forum in 2009, they continued to hear the question "What can I do?" from elders concerned about the state of the Earth.

In response, they made this year's theme their answer to that question: "Start where you are."

Keynote speaker Terry O'Reilly, host of the hit CBC radio show The Age of Persuasion, will kick off the forum with the talk "Start with your message," sharing his insights about communication strategies to engage families, friends, and communities in worthwhile discussions of climate change.

Smaller discussion groups will follow, including
CBC's Terry O'Reilly will be the keynote speaker at the Elders and Environment Forum.

"Start with what we eat," facilitated by Herb Barbolet, cofounder of Farm Folk/City Folk, and "Start with where we live," led by Amanda Pitre-Hayes of the City of Vancouver's Sustainability Group.

Lindsay Coulter, David Suzuki's Queen of Green, will lead the discussion "Start with a story," and activist Jackie Larkin will guide a deep ecology discussion called "Start with our selves."

David Suzuki will give the closing presentation: "Start where we are—standing on elder ground."

Elders who cannot travel to Vancouver for the forum will be able to watch selected clips and talks online. See the Suzuki Elders' website,, for more information and to register.