Photo: Kin's Market ditches plastic bags and gains a green reputation

David Suzuki and Foundation CEO Peter Robinson accept a cheque from Kin’s Market vice president Queenie Chu.

By Anna LeGresley

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More than one million plastic bags are used every minute, and they're having a dramatic impact on our environment. "Microplastic" pieces leach into the ground and contaminate crops, and plastic bags are continually entangling and killing marine life.

Now retailers can encourage customers to stop using plastic bags by joining the David Suzuki Foundation plastic bag program. As well as helping the environment, participating in the program shows customers and employees that retailers are dedicated to reducing their impact.

Just eight months after Vancouver's Kin's Market began its campaign, the produce vendor reached its goal of diverting half a million plastic bags from the landfill. And for every reusable bag customers brought in, Kin's Market donated two cents to the Foundation for a total of $10,000 so far.

The staff is thrilled at how its reputation changed.

"Whenever we interview a new candidate, they mention that one of the reasons they want to work at Kin's is because we are a green company," says marketing manager Lia Fletcher. "Before the plastic bag campaign, we never got that kind of feedback."

Ronson's Shoes has also begun a plastic bag campaign, donating $1 to the Foundation from each reusable bag they sell. So far they've raised $3,000.

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