Photo: Independent funding means a credible voice

By David Suzuki

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At the David Suzuki Foundation, we believe in basing environmental analysis and proposed solutions on sound science. But staying abreast of advances in scientific research means going to scientific meetings and staying in touch with and even funding top scientists, not to mention communicating that research to decisionmakers and the public. That costs money.

When Tara and I founded this organization, we made a conscious decision not to accept government funding. We wanted to be able to speak out, maintain our independence, and never feel beholden.

Fortunately, people like you see the value in our work and help us by donating. Your support allows us to speak out without fear of shifting government funding priorities, reprisal, or loss of our grants. We are incredibly grateful to you for offering your time and money to help us do the crucial work necessary to protect Canada's land and water, plants and animals, and people from threats including climate change and pollution, species loss, and habitat destruction.

Most of the money we receive — about 55 per cent — comes from individual donors. More than 28,000 people donate annually (and an incredible 9,000 of those people give monthly donations). We absolutely couldn't do it without you.

We're also grateful to foundations that support our work. These philanthropic organizations provide close to 30 per cent of our funding. Businesses provide another 12 per cent. The money doesn't just come from Canadians, either. Funding from sources in the U.S. and other countries, including individuals and foundations, ranges from about six to 10 per cent of our budget per year. Just as we're happy that Canadians support important charitable work in other parts of the world, we're pleased that like-minded people and organizations outside of Canada support our work.

No matter the source, we only seek and accept money from donors that meet our ethically based Gift Acceptance Policy. That policy ensures that our research and positions remain independent and credible.

All information about our funding and Gift Acceptance Policy is available on our website. Just as we use sound peer-reviewed science to back our work, we also remain open and transparent about where we get our money and where we spend it.

Thank you all for your continuing support.