We need a new economic paradigm

November 2012

I'm not an economist, which is why I'm happy to have teamed up recently with former CIBC World Markets chief economist Jeff Rubin on a tour for his new book, The End of Growth, and mine, Everything Under the Sun. Rubin and I come at issues from a different perspective... More »

Meet Tovah Paglaro, Queen of Green for a year

November 2012

I've really tried not to let my lofty title go to my head. Even David Suzuki says he's just one person. Change takes community. That's what it's really been about these past four years. All the tips for this and greener ways to do that have been about building community.... More »

Building a more sustainable foundation

November 2012

At the Foundation, we firmly believe in "walking the talk." We've launched many internal initiatives over the years, including measuring and offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions since 2003, adopting communication technologies that reduce our need for air travel, and choosing green suppliers. Two of our offices are even heated and... More »

A Soupstock success, by the numbers

November 2012

On October 21, we brought tens of thousands of Ontarians together for Soupstock, a celebration of local food and farms in Toronto's Woodbine Park. Together they sampled soups made by a few hundred of Canada's top chefs, and raised their bowls in opposition to the Highland Mega-Quarry project, which threatens... More »

Leading the way to a low-carbon future

November 2012

Your support is helping us forge the path to a low-carbon future for Canada through projects that protect nature and press for progressive policies across the country. Greenbelts gain ground This fall, we received widespread attention for measuring the economic value of the hundreds of millions of tonnes of carbon... More »

Canadians expose skeletons in their cleaning closets and demand labelling laws

November 2012

Thanks to you, we now have strong evidence to back our demands for better labelling laws for home-cleaning products in Canada. In the spring, more than 10,500 supporters responded to our call, telling us about the toxic ingredients in their home cleaners. Chemicals in many cleaners have been linked to... More »

Foundation sues feds for endangered species

November 2012

Thanks to your support, the David Suzuki Foundation and other environmental groups are taking the federal government to court for failing to protect four endangered species along the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and shipping route. The species are the Pacific humpback whale, Nechako white sturgeon, marbled murrelet and Southern Mountain... More »

Finding Solutions — Fall 2012

November 2012
Finding Solutions -- Fall 2012 cover

Finding Solutions is our quarterly report to you — showing your donations at work in our recent victories and campaigns. Plus, it's full of tips, news, recommended books and movies, and ways you can help the environment in your everyday life.... More »

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