I've really tried not to let my lofty title go to my head. Even David Suzuki says he's just one person. Change takes community. That's what it's really been about these past four years. All the tips for this and greener ways to do that have been about building community. There's no reason everyone can't be a Queen (or King) of Green among their family, friends and networks.

And I mean it. By the time you read this, I'll be tackling a new challenge: motherhood. And while I'm away, I've found an amazing replacement in Tovah Paglaro, who will be warming my throne, keeping you informed and enlightened. Expect the same helpful green-living tips, solutions and recipes you get from the Queen of Green.

A green living expert, Tovah writes about natural family living and sustainability for the online magazine Thrifty and Green. Her weekly column, Growing up Green, has been syndicated internationally. She's also a filmmaker, media producer and West Coast mama who is often found in her garden with her three kids. You're going to love her!

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, here is Tovah's first offering to you.

By Lindsay Coulter.