Photo: Introducing the Suzuki Elders

The Suzuki Elders speak their minds on issues like the Alberta tar sands.

Who are we?

We've got values, vision, a purpose statement, and a strategic plan. We do environmental education for other elders, write a blog on our website, go to rallies and marches, send letters to the editor and government representatives, and post on Facebook. We go to lectures, attend seminars, and invite speakers to our meetings. We debate and analyze environmental issues. We encourage other elders to act and invite them to join us. We walk and talk environment from an elder perspective with friends, colleagues, family, and community.

We are Suzuki Elders.

Working with and through the David Suzuki Foundation, we are a 58-member group of self-identified elders, governed by a 14-member Council of Elders. We use our voices, experiences, and memories to mentor, motivate, and support other elders and younger generations in dialogue and action on environmental issues. Over the past two years we've held two major Elder and Environment Forums, hosted many smaller gatherings, prepared an Eldercollege lecture series for Capilano University in North Vancouver, and presented at an international conference on Growing Old in a Changing Climate.

At our Annual General Meeting in March, we started developing a Suzuki Elder perspective to guide us as we facilitate elder dialogue about environmental sustainability and respond to the challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities facing us all. When it comes to children, grandchildren, and other youngsters in our lives, we wear our environmental hearts on our sleeves.

Oh, and we also have fun!

Want to get in on the action? We welcome your interest, experience, energy, and support. Check out our website for news, useful links, background information, and a membership application. Or contact us at