Rio+20 taught us that we all need to lead

August 2012

I had great hopes for the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. I was also proud of my daughter, Severn, who moved delegates to tears with a speech from her perspective as a 12-year-old. Now a mother of two, Severn returned this year for Rio+20, and I... More »

Coast-to-coast partnerships with RONA and DAVIDs TEA

August 2012

Two large Canadian companies — RONA and DAVIDs TEA — are supporting the David Suzuki Foundation through innovative initiatives that make a real difference in their stores and communities, and spreading the message of eco-friendly living to employees, suppliers, and customers. These national retailers are going green through corporate sustainability... More »

Scenes from a month in nature

August 2012

Who doesn't want to be happier, smarter, and healthier? We certainly do. That's why we challenged folks to join us in spending at least 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days in June. More than 1,200 people signed up to get their daily dose of nature, and many... More »

Foundation guides creation of Montreal greenbelt

August 2012

Earlier this year, the Quebec government announced it would fund the creation of extensive greenbelts around Montreal and Quebec City. It was heartening news for Foundation staff, who had already been hard at work on a proposal for a greenbelt in the Greater Montreal area. Few Canadians are aware that... More »

Meet the interns

August 2012

The David Suzuki Foundation could not accomplish nearly as much without the efforts of talented interns across the country. Here are some of the amazing young people who dedicated their summer to us. Thanks to The Co-operators and the YMCA Digital Skills Internship program for helping make their work possible.... More »

Queen of Green coaches help families go green

August 2012

Ideally, I'd go house-to-house greening families every day. But I can't. That's why this spring I recruited four volunteer coaches to help families across Canada reduce their environmental footprints. The result: a host of Canadians who now make everything from litterless lunches and bee gardens to community supported agriculture part... More »

Finding Solutions — Summer 2012

August 2012
Finding Solutions - Summer 2012 cover

Finding Solutions is our quarterly report to you — showing your donations at work in our recent victories and campaigns. Plus, it's full of tips, news, recommended books and movies, and ways you can help the environment in your everyday life.... More »

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