Two large Canadian companies — RONA and DAVIDs TEA — are supporting the David Suzuki Foundation through innovative initiatives that make a real difference in their stores and communities, and spreading the message of eco-friendly living to employees, suppliers, and customers.

These national retailers are going green through corporate sustainability programs: at RONA, that's "one tree at a time"; for DAVIDs TEA, it's "one cup of tea at a time."

RONA, the largest distributor and retailer of hardware, home renovation, and gardening products in the country, is supporting Canadian urban reforestation projects, beginning with a series of tree-planting days in what will be Canada's first-ever urban national park, in the Rouge Valley watershed in Toronto. The program kicked off with public tree-planting events in the Rouge in May and June. Two more are planned for September and October — sign up at local RONA stores or at

The Foundation also helped choose a collection of native trees and shrubs for sale in select Ontario RONA outlets, to help people "reforest" their own backyards. The plants carry a Foundation tag with instructions on the best way to care for them.

DAVIDs TEA's eco-friendly practices are inspired by the slogan "From the Earth. For the Earth." In addition to nation-wide composting efforts, recyclable packaging, and many organic products, the company has dedicated its Ever Green tea, an organic blend of Japanese sencha and Canadian-sourced cranberries, blueberries, and sea lettuce, to David Suzuki. It can be purchased in stores or online at A portion of all sales goes to the Foundation.

Gail Mainster

RONA Eco Leaders plant trees in the Rouge DAVID's Tea shows off a special edition staff T-shirt featuring David Suzuki

(Credit: Kathrin Majic, Ryan Budd)