Bhutan pushes the world to higher values

April 2013

Like millions of people, I was inspired to join the environmental movement by Rachel Carson's 1962 book Silent Spring. The movement has since celebrated victories such as protecting the porcupine caribou's calving grounds from oil wells, stopping dams on the Peace and the Amazon rivers and halting supertanker traffic along... More »

Companion planting for a healthy garden

April 2013

(Credit:Net_Efekt via Flickr) Planting season is upon us (or nearly so, in most of Canada). Whether you're a seasoned gardener or growing your own food for the first time, companion planting will help you cultivate a healthy, veggie-filled garden. It involves pairing plants that grow well together and distancing those... More »

Catwalk with a conscience

April 2013

(Credit: ENACTUS SFU) Many Canadian cities promote events with giant nylon banners hung from lampposts. Often, these banners end up in the local landfill. But in 2008, Simon Fraser University students began teaming up with B.C. Lower Mainland high school students to transform the banners into reusable bags. This year,... More »

Join Canada's 30x30 Nature Challenge

April 2013

(Credit: Jode Roberts) Want to get healthier, happier and smarter, just by spending time in the places you love most? This May, join our 30 × 30 Nature Challenge! For the second year, we'll be helping Canadians get outside in nature for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. Countless... More »

Research shows 80 per cent greenhouse gas reduction is doable

April 2013

(Credit: Steven Vance via Flickr) Two new research reports by the Trottier Energy Futures Project (TEFP), a partnership between the Foundation, the Canadian Academy of Engineering and the Trottier Family Foundation, show that it's realistic for Canada to cut its energy-related greenhouse gas emissions 80 per cent by 2050. Eighty... More »

Frequently asked questions about your right to a healthy environment

April 2013

(Credit: Steve.Jackson via flickr) Supporters like you have asked some excellent questions about our goal of achieving the constitutional right to a healthy environment in Canada. Here are David Boyd's answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions. 1. What difference would it make if Canadians had the... More »

Your right to a healthy environment

April 2013

(Credit: Drew Brayshaw via Flickr ) Thanks to you, we're fighting for Canadians' rights to live in a healthy environment. About 10 years ago, public health worker Beatriz Mendoza moved to a heavily industrialized and polluted neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. When her health began to suffer, she hired a lawyer... More »

Finding Solutions — Spring 2013

April 2013
Finding Solutions - Spring 2013 cover

Finding Solutions is our quarterly report to you — showing your donations at work in our recent victories and campaigns. Plus, it's full of tips, news, recommended books and movies, and ways you can help the environment in your everyday life.... More »

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