Photo: A Sustainable Seafood Day for Canada

Chef Lee Humphries of Vancouver's C Restaurant prepares delicious sustainable seafood bites. (Credit: Barry Brady)

The David Suzuki Foundation is advocating for a nationwide Seafood Day. Recently, a motion was tabled in the House of Commons to make March 18 Canada's official National Sustainable Seafood Day.

This could be a turning point for Canada's seafood market.

"With an official date, Canadians can place it on their calendars and have it as top of mind," says Sophika Kostyniuk, public engagement specialist with the Foundation. "When a national day is recognized by the Canadian government, it adds special value."

Kostyniuk says people living on the coast tend to be more engaged in sustainable seafood issues than the rest of the country. "The national day would also help connect those who don't live near a coast with their oceans and fisheries," she says.

To introduce the motion and acknowledge our interdependence with the oceans and all the species they support, we joined our SeaChoice partners, the Four Seasons Hotel and Vancouver Aquarium's OceanWise program in May for a spectacular celebration.

More than 500 special guests in Vancouver tasted unique and delicious sustainable seafood creations prepared by 12 top chefs.

"It was inspiring to bring together so many interested and engaged people after years of working to raise awareness on this critical issue," says Kostyniuk. "It shows we're all supporting each other."

But there's still a long way to go and that's why we're counting on you! Add your name to the petition to support the enactment of a National Sustainable Seafood Day in Canada at

- Glauce Fleury

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