Photo: Join the Back to School Brigade and pack waste-free lunches

Head back to school with a tasty, waste-free lunch!

August is back-to-school season! I know you're looking to make the greenest choices for your family this year, so we've assembled a Back to School Brigade of knowledgeable eco-parent bloggers on the Queen of Green blog for a month of inspiration. We'll talk eco-school supplies, outdoor leaning, detoxifying your kid's classroom and, of course, waste-free lunches.

A typical child generates about 30 kilograms of discarded school lunch packaging each year. That equals 8,000 kilograms of food waste for an average elementary school every year. Yuck!

Making healthy, kid-approved, waste-free lunches is simple and affordable! An upfront investment in a waste-free lunch box and stainless steel water bottle will save you the cost of plastic wrap and containers, bags, juice boxes and other packing aids throughout the year. Most families actually save money making the switch!

Of course, success means getting the kids on board. If reading this invokes a sense of panic about a full-scale rebellion in support of squishy fruit-shaped snacks and packaged cheese strings, you're not alone.

The Queen of Green Back to School Brigade has your back, with a month of fun school lunch ideas the kids won't be able to resist!

- Tovah Paglaro

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