Photo: Unmasking fraud and other tuna issues

Your can of tuna might look innocent, but dark secrets lurk inside. That's why we launched a campaign this spring to help Canadians make sustainable choices when it comes to buying tuna.

Launched on World Oceans Day, the campaign informed Canadians about four major issues surrounding tuna: the health risks of mercury, overfishing, fraud and lack of information about the fish on our plates. Widely disseminated comic book illustrations like the one at left brought the issues to life.

High levels of mercury, present in some tuna species, may cause health problems such as intellectual impairment. Species like bigeye tuna, while sustainable, should be eaten in small quantities due to concerns over mercury.

Bycatch is a major problem for tuna fisheries that use long-line and some purse seine fishing methods. Turtles, sharks, birds and ray populations are the victims of these non-selective fishing practices.

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- Glauce Fleury

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