Neil Young uses music for the message

April 2014

By David Suzuki Recently, I had the privilege of travelling with musicians Neil Young and Diana Krall on their Honour the Treaties tour. Neil organized the concert series because of his concern about the impacts of Alberta's tar sands on First Nations in the area and the effects of the... More »

The buzz on bee-friendly yards and balconies

April 2014

By Lindsay Coulter Bees eat two things: nectar (loaded with sugar, it's their main source of energy) and pollen (for proteins and fats). Choose a variety of plants that flower at different times to make sure they always have a snack available. The general rule is that native plants attract... More »

Foundation celebrates winter in Quebec with outdoor hockey

April 2014

By Manon Dubois Those who have spent time in Quebec during winter know why La Belle Province is renowned for being Canada's winter capital! Despite Quebec's reputation for being a winter wonderland, its citizens have noticed a real change in the past few years: their winters are disappearing.Threatened by the... More »

Homegrown National Park springs into Toronto for another year

April 2014

By Jode Roberts This spring the Homegrown National Park project returns to Toronto for its second year. The ambitious effort to crowd-source a green corridor fit for birds, bees and butterflies through Canada's largest city will be bigger this year — expanding to five city wards — and is sure... More »

Using the courts to protect species at risk

April 2014

By Theresa Beer Recovery plans are overdue for more than 160 species at risk in Canada, but four fortunate ones are finally getting plans that were supposed to be in place years ago, thanks to a court challenge against the federal government we helped initiate. In what the judge called... More »

Foundation ushers in Year of the Horse

April 2014

By Winnie Hwo Volunteers, elders, Richmond Earth Day Youth Summit Green Ambassadors, Surrey's Do What U Luv dance group and the Strathcona Business Improvement Association joined the David Suzuki Foundation to bring sustainable horse- power to Vancouver's Chinatown New Year Parade on February 2. This is the second year the... More »

Living in a healthy environment should be a right

April 2014

By Alvin Singh It's no secret that our identity as Canadians is rooted in the beautiful landscapes that surround us. It's why Canadians have always felt such a close connection to nature. But after generations of caring for our natural areas, we've been moving in the wrong direction over the... More »

Help us bring back the butterflies

April 2014

By Jode Roberts You may know that monarch populations in Mexico plummeted to a record low of about 33.5 million this winter, compared to an annual average of 350 million over the past 15 years. A principal cause is the dramatic loss of the single species monarchs depend on: milkweed.... More »

Finding Solutions — Spring 2014

April 2014
Finding Solutions - Spring 2014 cover

Finding Solutions is our quarterly report to you — showing your donations at work in our recent victories and campaigns. Plus, it's full of tips, news, recommended books and movies, and ways you can help the environment in your everyday life.... More »

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