Photo: Coaches find courage to change

Returning Calgary coach Evelyn is mom to two boys, volunteers as Canadian director of True Vision Ghana and makes a mean lip balm.

By Lindsay Coulter

A painter, a Norwex consultant, a mommy blogger, a scientist and an Orthodox rabbi walk into a bar...

No joke!

They're five of my 22 passionate "volunteers for good" — Queen of Green coaches. Over eight weeks this spring they dedicated 30 hours to help families, friends and neighbours go greener, joining a community of 29 coaches from previous years.

It takes courage to make change and guide others toward change. My fellow green experts share their knowledge and experience and don't shrink from responsibility — on top of raising children, learning to make yogurt and planning green birthday parties.

They inspire me!

Meet a few of them yourself and tell me they don't make you want to do more:

  • Caroline, Trout Lake, N.W.T., lives in a community of 46 households that's isolated for nine months of the year. She set up composting at a recent community feast and invited families and elders to use her organics composter until they can make their own.
  • Michelle, Edmonton, Alta., is a mom and master composter recycler who leads composting workshops. She had her families start with a garbage bag count to track their success over the eight-week program.
  • Corrina, North Vancouver, B.C., is a mom of two, photographer, avid gardener and nature lover. She's helped one family get its first blue bin while another started a green waste program for their townhouse complex!

Do you remember the first green step you took? Will you help someone else take their first step?

If you're interested in being a Queen of Green coach this fall, email