Photo: Solutions for a warming world

A low carbon future is good for all of us.

The Foundation's climate and clean energy team has been working hard throughout 2015, with all roads leading to Paris for December's UN climate summit. Internationally, the conversation has shifted from whether governments should act to reduce carbon pollution to which can make the most drastic reductions over the shortest timelines.

In particular, subnational governments at state, provincial and municipal levels have made dramatic commitments to move to a low-carbon future. On May 19, leaders from 12 subnational governments (including B.C. and Ontario) spanning seven countries committed to the Under 2 Memorandum of Understanding, promising 80 to 95 per cent reductions in carbon pollution below 1990 levels by 2050 or a level of two metric tonnes per capita. At the international level, G7 countries committed in June to completely phase out carbon pollution for energy by 2100. Even Pope Francis has spoken up, with a recent call to all Catholics and others to reduce emissions and act as stewards of the environment.

With your support, the Foundation also played a leading role in the climate and clean energy conversation in July when subnational governments met in Toronto for the Summit of the Americas and Canada's premiers met in St. John's for the Council of the Federation. By sending delegations to these events to participate in both grassroots-level demonstrations and government-level policy meetings, Foundation staff hope to advocate for unified action to put a price on carbon, phase out coal-powered energy and increase investment in clean technology. We will also focus our public communications on enhancing awareness and understanding about the benefits of a shift to a low-carbon economy for all Canadians in the lead-up to the October federal election and the December Paris UN climate summit.