Photo: Blue Dot movement gains momentum

Halifax Blue Dot organizers plan their strategy. (Credit: Sophika Kostyniuk)

Sometimes, the right idea comes at the right time. When we launched the Blue Dot Tour last September, we wanted to breathe life into the idea that every Canadian deserves the right to a healthy environment. We hoped a vision of connectedness, caring and action would inspire Canadians to protect the people and places they love.

Here's where the Blue Dot movement stood in March:

  • Municipal declarations: Thirty communities have passed municipal declarations in support of the right to a healthy environment — from Victoria to Montreal to Yellowknife.
  • Community organizing: Organizing is underway in more than 100 communities, where people are gathering to discuss strategy, and canvassing to build support for meetings with city councillors and mayors.
  • People taking action: More than 69,000 people have joined the Blue Dot movement, and more than 14,500 have volunteered to take action in their communities (with 350 receiving community organizer training). In support of this work, 1,000 people have signed up as monthly donors.
  • Organizational supporters: Nearly 20 diverse organizations, representing interests from health to law to the arts, have signed on to support the movement. During the tour, nearly 150 values-aligned community groups and organizations shared the Blue Dot stage, including First Nations in every region.
  • Sharing the story: The Blue Dot videos, "Today Is the Day We Decide" (with David Suzuki) and "Shoulders" (by poet Shane Koyczan) have together been viewed at least 450,000 times, and continue to keep this story alive.

We're now focused on supporting the local Blue Dot efforts taking shape across the country. There are more municipal declarations ahead and, in a few locations, we're starting work on provincial-level support for environmental rights.

We continue to be inspired by the passion and dedication of Blue Dot organizers coast to coast to coast. And we have a steady eye on our goal: the day when Canada's laws protect every Canadian's right to fresh air, clean water and healthy food.

Protecting our right to a healthy environment — today, and for our children's children — is clearly an idea whose time has come.