Photo: Putting your money where your mouth is

(Credit: James Ennis/Flickr)

In three short years, the fossil-free movement has grown from a few U.S. colleges to a global movement. By moving money away from fossil fuels and putting it into renewable energy and energy efficiency, we are closer than ever to a planet fuelled by sun, wind and water.

Money is flowing into renewables and clean technology is growing. We already know that fossil fuels are bad for the planet, but now they're a bad investment as well.

The David Suzuki Foundation was an early leader in moving investments out of fossil fuels. We've moved our endowment fund investments into industries such as green energy, sustainable farming and clean water.

One of the companies that is helping us manage our sustainable investments is Genus Capital Management. Find out about Genus at or contact them directly at 1-844-660-5122 or