Photo: Thanks to you, belugas and their babies are now protected by law

(Credit: Art by Laura Timmermans)

The beluga is the only whale found in Quebec's mighty St. Lawrence year-round. Once, thousands of the snow white whales lived in the river. Today, there are fewer than 900.

You helped inspire more than 23,000 people to demand protection for the threatened whales. In April, TransCanada Corporation scrapped its plan to build an oil port in Cacouna. That project, to move oil sands bitumen, would have been right in the heart of everything the belugas need to live.

Now the St. Lawrence estuary belugas are finally protected by law. In May, the federal government banned anyone from destroying the whales' critical habitat. This is a major milestone — and you helped make it happen!

Beluga whales use sound to communicate, navigate, find food and mate. But they can't say thank you, so we're doing it for them!