Photo: You are helping ignite climate optimism in Canada's largest city

Thanks to you, a climate victory: a bike lane on Bloor. (Credit: Veggiefrog/Flickr)

Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gases in Canada. Traffic pollution causes about 280 deaths in Toronto alone every year.

How can we reduce the number of car trips and tackle climate change?


Make active transportation easier. Build bike lanes!

Your support helped inspire more than 11,000 people to sign Cycle Toronto's Bloor Loves Bikes! pledge.

That convinced city councillors to create a bike lane on Toronto's main east-west corridor. It was a landslide victory!

Long-term, the city plans to build hundreds of kilometres of bike lanes. And the Foundation will be there with other local partners to help achieve that goal.

The Bloor bike lane is a pilot project. It will improve air quality and combat climate change. It will make city cycling safer and reduce traffic problems. And it will help people spend more time outside being active, improving their health.

A protected bike lane on Toronto's "Main Street" is also a symbol of how people can help the planet. Thanks to you, more Canadians feel positive change is possible. And they're taking action.