Photo: You make better transit possible

(Credit: Tim Adams/Flickr)

Without funding, buses, subways and bike lanes can't keep up with population growth. The quality of service declines. Frustrated people go back to their cars. Traffic congestion increases.

For Canada to meet its climate targets, we need more public transit.

Governments make promises to build this transit infra-structure. Thanks to you, we're being watchdogs and holding their feet to the fire.

We looked at the last eight years of B.C. budgets and learned spending has been far below commitments. B.C. had a great transit plan. It just didn't put enough money into it.

Then the federal government stepped up. It promised to spend billions of dollars across the country on regional transit.

With your help, we'll keep talking to federal government representatives to make sure they live up to their pledge. And we'll help provincial and regional governments communicate why transit investments are important.

Now major new transit projects in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are possible. People need to get behind them. That's where you come in! Create demand: Ride transit. Write decision-makers: Tell them you want more transportation options. (Stay tuned! We'll help.)