Photo: Your butterfly effect

(Credit: Rick & Brenda Beerhorst/Flickr)

Milkweed plants are where butterflies lay eggs and are one of the most important parts of their habitat. Thanks to you, more Canadians care about butterflies!

With your support:

  • The third annual #GotMilkweed sale inspired thousands of milkweed plantings in Toronto. It was a huge success in Montreal. And people throughout the eastern monarchs' Canadian range bought some 250,000 milkweed seeds!
  • Our Homegrown National Park Project planted wildflowers in schools, parks and along residential streets. Our crew created more native plant canoe gardens and
    made city lanes bloom. And we're growing community through pizza nights, outdoor movie screenings and neighbourhood tours.
  • The City of Markham is aiming to become Canada's most monarch-friendly city. It passed a unanimous declaration in support of the butterflies. It's raising public awareness and supporting our Monarch Manifesto and #GotMilkweed campaigns. And it's creating the world's first municipal "Milkweed Nursery" in Milne Dam Conservation Park. Seeds generated will bolster efforts to bring monarchs home for years to come.

The best news: After a 5,000-kilometre trip from Mexico, monarchs have arrived in Canada. If they could, they'd thank you, too.