Photo: Paris Agreement marks shift in world thinking

Your support meant Canadians had front-row seats at COP21, including interviews with decision-makers such as Catherine McKenna, federal minister of environment and climate change.

Last year's UN climate conference was a turning point for the planet.

And, thanks to you, the Foundation's science and policy director, Ian Bruce, and communications and research specialist, Steve Kux, were on the ground in Paris, meeting with policy-makers, answering media inquiries and keeping you up to date on events as they happened.

"The Paris Agreement may not be perfect, but it's a monumental step in the right direction," Bruce said. "Given the political realities at play when 195 countries come to the negotiating table, it's arguably the best possible agreement and marks a shift in how 21st century diplomacy will occur. It also contains a mechanism to ensure collaboration and strengthening of commitments over time."


Bruce and Kux's regular video blogs and other communications reached hundreds of thousands of people. Our Facebook post announcing the final Paris Agreement reached three million people — the largest audience for any single piece of COP21 content from any Canadian organization!

Their efforts kept you informed. They also helped build critical relationships with key delegates that continue to bear fruit: Canadian government officials they met and interviewed are now calling on DSF for recommendations and guidance on enacting effective climate policy.