Photo: Blue Dot ambassadors take on the nation

(Credit: Robert Linsdell/Flickr)

Two years ago, we set off together on an ambitious journey to achieve your constitutional right to a healthy environment. Thanks to your support, so much has been accomplished in such a short time!

More than 103,000 Canadians signed the Blue Dot pledge. A whopping 143 communities — representing 40 per cent of the country's population! — passed environmental declarations.

The time is ripe. The current political climate provides a window of opportunity to move forward to achieving a federal bill of rights. This is a necessary step toward our ultimate goal: recognizing your right to a healthy environment in Canada's Constitution.


In this next phase, your support means we can focus on helping members of Parliament understand why a national environmental bill of rights is important and how it can fulfill this government's green goals.

Thanks to you, we're recruiting grassroots volunteers as "constituent champions" — Blue Dot ambassadors. They'll keep local MPs up-to-date on campaign developments. And they'll help them see how environmental rights benefit the citizens they represent.

Thank you! We're thrilled with what we've accomplished together over the past two years.