Photo: Camp Suzuki plugs kids into nature

Thanks to you, Camp Suzuki 2 was a resounding success!

The camp, located on Gambier Island in the heart of B.C.'s spectacular Howe Sound, aims to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders. Participants spent time outdoors learning about nature and how to protect it for future generations.

This year, Camp Suzuki ran for two weeks. Week one repeated last year's model, hosting 42 young adults. Week two was a first-time effort, tailored to 40 children age seven to 13.

This year, a youth group from Toronto joined our young adult program. That week, DSF staffers led sessions describing their journeys into environmentalism and conservation leadership.

In the second week, members of the Squamish First Nation taught the youngest campers about how to respect and care for the land and waters we share.

All left feeling inspired — ready to keep Howe Sound's amazing recovery going!