Photo: Putting an end to coal in Canada

(Credit: David J and Pembina Institute/Flickr)

Why, in this high-tech world, are we still using an 18thcentury energy technology?

Coal is the dirtiest fossil fuel. It contributes to climate change, poor air quality, many illnesses — including
asthma — and rising health-care costs.

Your support launched a campaign to eliminate all Canadian coal power
plants over the next 10 years. Some 20,000 people used our web platform to "say no to coal," asking federal
decision-makers to commit to phasing out coal with this fall's climate strategy.

Thanks to you, our campaigners met with federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna and others in her department. They encouraged the government to replace coal with renewable energy.

Sources inside the federal government tell us this pressure is working! We're keeping our fingers crossed for an announcement this month that Canada will finally put an end to this dirty fuel. (In fact, by the time you read this, an announcement might already have been made.)

Thank you for pushing for an end to the coal era in Canada!