Canada's Polar Bear: Falling through the Cracks? cover

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Canada is home to more than half of the world's polar bears. But this iconic species is in danger. Global warming, disappearing sea ice, and increased industrial activity are all playing a role in the potential demise of many of these polar bear populations. To a large extent, the fate of the world's polar bears rests on what Canadians do to protect them. Canada's Polar Bear: Falling through the Cracks details the status of polar bears in Canada, the threats they face, the efficacy of federal, provincial and territorial legislation to protect the polar bear, and the need for new protected areas in polar bear habitat.


The report offers clear recommendations for the federal, territorial and provincial governments to take action:

  • follow the scientific recommendations that the polar bear be listed as a species of special concern;
  • improve provincial and territorial species at risk legislation;
  • create marine and terrestrial protected areas in polar bear habitat;
  • develop policies to decrease the amount of toxics released into the atmosphere;
  • develop policies to deeply cut our country's greenhouse gas emissions.