B.C.'s Bountiful Sea: Heritage Worth Preserving cover

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The marine environments of British Columbia's central and north coast teem with life and offer up adventure and opportunity. Few places in the world offer such an abundance and diversity of marine life.

The Canadian government has named this region the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area, or PNCIMA (pronounced pen-SEE-ma). The area is one of five large ocean regions selected by the federal government to undergo a planning process to improve management and ensure long-term ecosystem health.

Increasing industrialization is threatening the wildlife, natural spaces, and the very health of ocean ecosystems.

The opportunity, and our challenge, lies in the potential to ensure the continual productivity and health of this region by developing a comprehensive management and conservation plan that considers the interests of all the people, animals, and plants that share our ocean resources.

The opportunity is before us. The challenge is ours.

Let's start unravelling some of PNCIMA's mystery by exploring its natural wonder.