Seafood Traceability in Canada: Traceability systems, certification, eco-labeling, and standards for achieving sustainable seafood cover

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About Sustainable Seafood Canada and SeaChoice

Sustainable Seafood Canada is a coalition of five leading Canadian conservation organizations working together via the SeaChoice program to raise public awareness about the threats to oceans and the solutions that sustainable fisheries offer. Sustainable Seafood Canada is made up the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, David Suzuki Foundation, Ecology Action Centre, Living Oceans Society and Sierra Club BC.

SeaChoice uses the best available science and communications, as well as develops strategic partnerships to mobilize sustainable seafood markets in Canada.

About this Document

In a world that is moving quickly towards demanding better traceability of food products, developing a clear and transparent chain of custody can help seafood businesses ensure a healthy future. Recognizing that traceability requirements, systems and services are rapidly evolving and changing, the authors have assembled this document in collaboration with SeaChoice to help interested businesses begin their exploration of seafood aceability options as they exist in early 2009.

Though far from exhaustive, it is hoped that the document provides a useful set of tools and first steps. By working together, businesses, fishermen, aquaculturalists and communities can create a sustainable seafood future in Canada.