No ordinary tuna melt cover

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Makes 2 sandwiches

Ask for albacore tuna caught in Canada and U.S. Pacific by troll/pole (as opposed to longline)

4 slices of your favourite bread (we prefer baguette)
Sweet mustard or dijon (to taste) Mayonnaise (to taste)
8 sliced cherry tomatoes
1/2 sliced avocado
Canned or fresh pineapple slices (optional)
1 can of troll-caught, smoked, albacore tuna
4 slices of Brie or Camembert cheese
1 tsp fresh rosemary or thyme, chopped
Pepper (to taste)

Place bread on a cookie sheet and spread each slice with a thin layer of mayonnaise and mustard. Top with the tomato and avocado (plus pineapple, if desired).

Next, distribute the smoked tuna to each of the open-faced sandwiches and finish with cheese.

Place cookie sheet in the oven and broil until the cheese has melted. Once out of the oven, sprinkle each sandwich with pepper and fresh herbs. Serve warm.

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