Addressing climate change in Alberta cover

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Alberta has the opportunity to be a true leader in the fight against climate change while maintaining a vibrant and strong economy. We encourage the Alberta government to adopt strong policies to address the challenges posed by climate change. An economy-wide carbon tax signal will address all emissions within Alberta fairly and consistently. Phasing out harmful coal power emissions will bring tremendous health benefits to Albertans but will also be one of the greatest single carbon reduction mandates in Canada. Prioritizing renewable energy development will ensure we are not exchanging one fossil fuel for another and are thinking long-term about our climate responsibilities. Both industrial producers and small consumers should be able to participate. Energy efficiency will mean the energy created is used as wisely as possible and may postpone additional generation in the province. Planning to reduce emissions from transportation will also be critical in the long term as this will demand land-use planning and a shift to active living. These Alberta- specific policies will enable the province to become a leader in addressing climate change while maintaining a vibrant economy and improved quality of life.

Considering the upcoming United Nations climate negotiations in Paris, future generations may very well look back on 2015 as the year that the world co-operated and acted together in the fight against climate change. We encourage the Alberta government to lead the shift to an innovative, clean-energy global economy.